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DATE: any time 1:1    GRIDS of INSPIRATION: Concious Insights to remind your business (coming soon)

Relevance and GENIUS can arise out of PURPLE.

Its violet shades connect you to a higher state of consciousness. This tone is the mixture of the pure Queen and her true King at their Wedding. The urge of this color drives you and your talents to importance in the life of others and connects on levels beyond words ~ Increasing visions, high ideals and hopes for the future to come.  Rain more purple on your inner longings and see the “bigger picture” without being bogged down with details. Purple itself is a gift of presence, that inspires and encourages to share generously with the world around you. This frequency vibrates at HIGH SPEED, signaling a close connection with the universe and unseen forms of life and energy. Think of PRINCE and you get a genius idea of this vibrant frequency.

Innovate thoughts with progressive ideas!