144 Life Script~ Energetics


Your Life Script ▫S▫H▫I▫F▫T▫▪▫2▫0▫2▫2▫
CREATE brighter results
for your Life & mind your BUSINESS.
Also to activate Objects, Interiors & Subjects.

Extracted from your Birth & Business Chart Energetics  ~

⚜ Script-Writing of 144 Intentions.

⚜ 12 x 12 Principles for your Success.

⚜ Multiplicating your 12 Business Archetypes.

⚜ ReDESIGNING of your project & GOALs.

⚜ ReCOLOR  / ReSHAPE your Environment & Infastructure.

⚜ Lucid & Solid Solutions.

⚜ Activation after completion if wished into an Object or Area.

You are familiar with HIGH SPIRIT Energetics?

WELCOME to my colorful SOLISTICS!

Let’s talk first please to decide if I fit your needs and vice versa.

Takes minimum 4 – 6 Weeks.
Included writing &  Activation.
Must have before your SCRIPT can be written:
Your birthdate / or Business-Date, exact time and place.
A Minimum of 60 Minute Session for a single Person.
For an entire Company please ask me!


Y▫O▫choose your LIFE SCRIPT Energetics | for your BUSINESS / PROJECT / House /Room or  Object. Re-DESINGN: Re-color & Re-Shape with individual Frequencies & Archetypes out of your Business- or Birthchart Strategies. 

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