CORE CALL ~ Season 4 / 2023


ONLY IN alignment with SEASON #4 – Mentoring, honoring the COSMIC CLOCK of the SOLISTICS CYCLE.

Season 4 ~ with the color Triptychon ~

AURUM D’OOR | from January 1st February 1st – Limited edition! ~ No Calls left. OUT of STOCK!

OPALESQUE | from February 2nd till 28th  – Limited edition! ~ No Call left. Out of STOCK!

BLACK LEYLAH | from March 3rd till 22nd  -Limited edition! ~ 12 ONLY ~ 9 Calls left.

  IN STOCK now!

We team up for 33 Minutes to CORE CALL ~ via Zoom.

If we do not know each other yet + including a Pre-Talk of 11 Min with a first and essential INSIGHT for your PROGRESS.

This CORE CALLs are my offer for you to get to know me and my work with a specific topic range & frequency of one UNIQUE SOLISTICS color.


You’d like to team up with me this SEASON & dive deeper?

CORE CALLS are Deep Dive & Fast Track Coaching Calls.

Send me your request ~ differing offer of Core Calls each month  ~

we’ll get back to you asap

~ Thank you!

Limited edition, as far as still available!

[€ 188 | net]

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A first glimpse and essential INSIGHT(s) for your PROGRESS.

SEASON 4 beginning on January 1st ending on March 22nd!

CORE CALLs are my offer to get to know me & my Solistics. Each Moon-Cycle has its unique Color-Solistics.

We team up for 33 Minutes to CORE CALL ~ online via Zoom.

If it’s your FIRST time you have + 11 Minutes Pretalk with me.

Do you have ONE topic you’d like to work on or brainstorm with me?

Deep insights into your lifescript with a grasp of your unique turningpointer to the topic.

Let’s make you and your aims & goals happen even brighter.