Translate out of a variety of colors & shapes that resonate with your goal(s), project(s) or topic(s). And the progress beginns.

Team up for your unique and SOLID CORE PROGRESS into blooming freshness over the period of

9 1/2 Months ~ total amount: 1800 Minutes [+ 300 Minutes ~ free of charge]

Always start at the start! And boost the fundamental Core-Creation by its ROOTS.

As every great design begins with the juiciness of its sketch, designing a new period in life drives into successfull manifestation. But your fate must demand you to drop all useless stuff and baggage first. Then we can translate your INTENTIONS into shapes and frequencies and design your new concious “Blue Print of Destiny”. The lucid core and seeds of your aimed GO°ALs will show up and bloom to their delightful expression very soon and your subconcious will support you to WALK YOUR TALK bold & committed.

That’s why this package includes a Solid Extra for you:

Your Frequency 7°Up!

+ an individual SOLISTICS Grid of Light ~  a 144-field or 49-field of SHAPES and COLORS to shift into an appropriate dimension of resonance. Grid writing is LIFESCRIPTING at its very unique best. This HIGH ENERGETICS speak and express the language the Universe is made of and this building symbols are clear, bold & true to your aim.

A New Chapter of your Life Script.

YOU start the process by deciding all aspects you wish to work on very commited and clear.

In a free 3 h session  with you (+ 2 h of design, story editing and activation for you by myself). You will receive a PRINT of your new 144 or 49 Blue Print Scripture Grid of Shapes & Colors at the right time of your process.

This will not only encourage your Soul and Subconcious to progress even brighter but sets the clear, gentle and fast intention to invite the divine timing to point all your actions into the right direction.


We team up for a period of max. 9 1/2 Months to turn YOU, your VISIONS & GOALS  into SOLID CORE realizations. And you are UNIQUE! As your strategies must be to achive brighter results! Let’s GO ALL for your GO-ALs!