You choose the goals, projects and topics you wish and aim to work on.

We team up for your unique and individual progress to bloom and florish over the period of

9 1/2 Days ~ total amount: 570 minutes.

Always start at the start, as every great design begins with the juiciness of its sketch. First we’ll translate your INTENTIONS into an achetype of shape and color. Designing a new period in life  MUST drive successfull manifestation and demands dropping useless stuff and baggage. The lucid core and seeds of your aimed GO°AL will show up in its full potential.

This package includes an Extra for you:

Your individual SOLISTICS ARCHETYPE. Two Twin-Shapes that interact with each other for best results. Until antagonistic resistance is integratetd. Two SHAPES and two COLORS we’ll read out of your birthchart ~ 1,5 h for free. This will encourage your Soul and Subconcious to progress very fast and thoroughly.


An INTENSE progress for YOU to dive in deep and generate instant results in 9 1/2 DAYS.

Brainstorming & Plotting your AIMS at it’s very best potential to bloom UNIQUE!

Reserve your CORE CALL ~ first!

If it turns out to be a sweet spot with us, your invest will be integrated into the CORE INTENSE – Express your true creative self!

You can book 2 or alle 3 Core Intense Color Progress Seats ~ BUT we’ll real-talk about that first, if you assume your all in for the season.

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