You choose a color that resonates with your goal, project or topic you wish and aim to work on.

We team up for your unique and individual progress to bloom and florish over the period of

9 1/2 Weeks ~ total amount: 1200 + 150 Extra Minutes.

Always start at the start, as every great design begins with the juiciness of its sketch. First translate your INTENTIONS into shapes and frequencies. Because designing a new period in life drives successful manifestation, it demands dropping useless stuff and baggage. That’s when your lucid core and the seed of the aimed GO°AL shows up in its full potential.

That’s why this package includes an exclusive Extra for you:

Your individual SOLISTICS LifeScript a metaphysical boost of empowerment ~  a 49-field of SHAPES and COLORS to shift into an appropriate dimension of resonance. We start by redesign the building of your new energetic structure in a free 1,5 h session + 1 h of scripting and activating the grid for you.  This will encourage your soul and subconcious to progress lucid, clear & in divine timing. Boosting your energetic x-factors to strive straight into your translucent focus.

Welcome to a new chapter of your life.


Choose your specific color and theme. In a period of 9 1/2 Weeks we team together to make YOUR PROJECT & AIM progress exclusively with your metaphysical SUCCESS STRATEGIES.

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Ruby Velvet, Core Creation, Sun Beam, Emerald Flow, Larimar Ification, Blue Moon, Purple Rain, Pink Bulb, Exotic Nation, Aurum Door, Opalesque, Black Leilah