The GOLD CORE in autumn
Harvest subtle & COSMIC Rejuvenation with Danielle online 2023.
📍 Fri, 9/29 | 11°°  CET ~ 55 min + 17 min in unison offline.
📍 Registration ends Sept 14 at 2pm.
Reshape your own UNIVERSE for youthfull results.
Turn back the clock of aging on a cellular level.
Open Space in your CELLULAR CORE to ignite rejuvenation.
Receive a Teaching that Danielle has developed over the past three years.
Including a package sent to you after the NEW MOON to arrive just in TIME all around the globe.
Systemic constellation work beginning with the NEW MOON in advance for the individuals of the group.
 The COSMIC HARVEST is bookable with registration
including your birth dates | Date, exact Time, Place
until 9.9. with a juicy reduction expressing my GRATITUDE to all of you.
From 10.9. on the regular price will switch on.
Registration ends for this offer with the day before the NEW MOON, September 14.
Keep in mind, that you need time to integrate directly after the ONLINE Event. Schedule a minimum of 17 minutes lying down or sitting to integrate rejuvenation with individual subtle MANAS after the LIVE.
On Friday  9/29 at 11:58 a.m. CET the FULL MOON is round & exact.
From September 15, on Danielle will beginn with daily subtle one-on-one work once you have sent her your requests.
You will receive further instructions after your registration.
Please include your Birthdate, precise time & place.
Expect hightend awareness. leading to intensivied dreaming. Spirits & Guides visitations. Downloads. Temperature and Light sensations in the body and at the cellular level will come
in strongly 24 hours prior the LIVE ritual. Wait until you receive all instrutions.
Embracing you all with love, health and gratitude for this body-Soul-spirit adventure in this life-time.

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Several Extras included


The COSMIC HARVEST is a teaching of self-development and experience over the years from several traditions.
As a Starr Fuentes Lineage Teacher I’d like you to know, I participated & studied HARVEST MOON with Kirke vom Scheidt from 2010 on and received the Teachers Training in 2011.
If you would like to attend a traditional HARVEST MOON ritual of the Starr Fuentes School of Light, I’d be delighted to give you recommendations. In timeless gratitude for the lineage holder Starr Fuentes – Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher who is anything but a coincidence in my life.