A subtle energetic AMULET ~

extracted from your birth chart energetics!

A color frequency to make you shine on a topic of your choice and an archetypal shape ~

⚜ We locate your current central topic 1: 1

⚜ determine which color frequency inspires your soul.

⚜ the geometric archetype that currently supports you,

⚜ for a matter close to your heart,

⚜ a project,

⚜ the clear frequency shift for your soul

⚜ now and this year of your life.

You are familiar with subtle HIGH SPIRITS Energy:

WELCOME in my 1:1 COLOR Spectrum Series.

55 Min LIVE 1:1 Deep Workout online session.

+ included all additional pre- & post-workt to activate your Amulet over a period of 72 hours, and write your unique FREQUENCY SCRIPT Pdf. with your specific Color & Shape descriptions. PNG High Resolution to download and print out.

Must have before your AMULET Session:
Your birthdate, exact time and place.
A Sentence of your top GOAL & AIM max. 7 Words.


HIGH ARCHETYPAL SPIRITS to shift a NEW YEARS Energy ~ voilá: your Frequency Amulet.


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