UNIQUE ~ A Trilogy


This UNIQUE TRILOGY ~ is a sacred space  for YOU and your lucid passion :

⚜ your current life GPS needs to get back on track

⚜ animate you for you & the world to “realize” your light is on 

⚜ purify in 3 x 30 +120 Pre-Talk of all that is important – Q&A online Session about Geneology, Constellations, Biagraphy

⚜ birth and polish your next daring STEPS

⚜ for a matter close to your heart

⚜ a project, a goal / wish or an issue

⚜ to re-alignment with your true mission

because it’s all about YOU now! 


⚜ INCLUDED unique Archetype to resonate on a metaphysical level with your topic,


Limited edition, as far as still available! UNIQUE TRILOGY is a Deep Dive & Fast Track Mentoring Sequal with Danielle.
According to the country regulations on taxation, VAT is added. From the European foreign countries (Germany excluded) the trade tax number must be transmitted to us together with the booking. Subsequently, we can no longer take this into account.

12 vorrätig


YOUR Uniqueness is . . . why you are here.

You lost the once strong connection but your SOUL is calling you clearly to re-member and emenate your purpose.

Life is not only a space for transition, from one to an other dimension

it longs to bloom and blossom in profound ways.

UNIQUE ways . . .

. . . that are all about you & one of a kind

your CORE.

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