YELLOW M°Aster ~ Adventure 2022


YOUR system can bridge the gap between a desired goal and the results that are still missing.

To make this happen, you need an essentially internal 180° ROTATION OUT of your trap.

Traps can have many causes BUT clearing them will generate clear results that resonate with your UNIQUE CORE.

Your life dramaturgy knows how this is possible for you and your challenge.

We will be working intensely in an exclusive TRIO of “daring doers” and work through:

the fog,  the traps, the blockages and entanglements.

Let’s look deeply into your soul scriptures in 3 x 1:1 with me and rewrite your Lifescript into the TRUE YOU expression.

You can take part in this mentoring programm with your

  • complete birth data
  • Enthusiasm
  • dimension of impact
  • impecability
  • selfmastery in your field

Vitalize your BUSINESS, your PROJECT, your plans.

Something in your system has not yet “clicked” to realize what is needed in your NOW, your business, your life and the presence of a new generations awakening.

Let’s make the sun beams generate your UNIQUE sun-rise!

All participants receive 3 x 1:1 analysis consultations. Additional including their destiny and corresponding SUCCESS COLOR.

Entry into a private group of ONLY 3 ~ please request further information.

The capacity is a Limited Edition 2022.

Beginning 6.6.2022 until 21.6. HIGH FREQUENCY YELLOW + 3 more weeks 1:1 to make your YELLOW fullfill the range of 360° !

Send your email with subject EGOTRAP to:

⚜ danielle@solistics.de


~ you decide, as always!

Excited and humbled ~


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Dare YELLOW & bridge the gap! Beginning on Mo, 6.6. ~ for 16 days in a group of an exclusive TRIO !!! So much teachings, learnings & insights.
In these intense 3 group-weeks every one will receive an individual business-constellation session of prototyping as wished. Then we will deep dive individualy in 1:1 sessions and fine tune your sun rise. HELLO YELLOW ~
6 Weeks & 6 Days Adventure!
3 x Deep Dive 1:1 Sessions with Danielle
+ 1 individual Group Constellation Work (Prototyping your Business or Topic)
+ your Unique Soul-Scripture-Colors, incl. RGB # for Marketing, Branding, Logos etc.
+ 16 days of clearings for progress in your field of profession
+ one mind-blowing full-day Seminar to get rid of your “Bullshit Buzzers” | 13 MAGIC
+ EGO TRAP Teaching to bridge the Gap for good!
+ other additional teachings 🙂 Be surprised!
Free your SELF from the
Unique passage ~ 180° ROTATION OUT into your true CORE EXPRESSION.


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