YELLOW M°Aster ~ Adventure 2024


YOUR system can bridge the gap between y-our desire and the synchrodestiny GOALS of this chapter and lifetime.

To manifest this as y-our lifetime expedition the YELLOW M°Aster requires your detailed Soul-Mapping of your Cosmic Script to encourage all as ONE ~ an internal 180° ROTATION OUT of y-our EGO TRAP we have dwelled in far to long.

You have come and gone a long way ~ usually you go your ways, alone, secure, with a strong sense of purpose

R°WISE up to this present time and presence of delight.

Yet traps can have many causes, clearing them conciously generates natural magic and results that resonate with your UNIQUE CORE and nourish your sense of strenght.

This is not ONE-FITS-ALL adventure.

This is for SIGMA males & females only that weave together and empower each other.

We will be working intensely in TWO exclusive OCTAGONS of “daring doers” and work through:

foggy blind spots,

useless traps,

up till now secure blockages


love preventing entanglements.

Look deeper into your soul scriptures in 3 x 1:1 with me and rewrite your Lifescript into the TRUE YOU expressions.

You can take part in this M°ASTER ADVENTURE mentoring programm with your

  • complete birth data
  • Enthusiasm
  • dimensions of impact
  • impecability
  • selfmastery in your field
  • SIGMA state of character

Let’s make the sun beams generate y-our UNIQUE sun-rise!

Entry into a private group of 

8 + 8 = 16 🚻

we welcome all genders, pairings and encourage couples to join. You enrolle with the gender you resonate with OR would like to express or experience.

Please request your interview via ZOOM with me for further information.

The capacity is a Limited Edition 2024.

Beginning 6.6.2024 until 21.6. HIGH FREQUENCY YELLOW + 3 additional unique sessions for each of the participants.

Send your email to:

⚜ danielle@solistics.de

Excited, humbled with much metta,


16 vorrätig


Dare to bridge the gap as unified field of consciousness!
Beginning on June 6th  ~
16 days in an elusive double OCTAGON (2 x 8 = 16)
Inspiring constellations,
mental workouts,
follow-throughs &
impactful response-ability
magic & scriptwriting with the Language of the Universe
and it’s subtle realms.
Intense 4 x 4 DAYs  tuning into y-our sun rise of essential deepness.
Free y-our SELF from the
Unique passage ~ 180° ROTATION OUT into the CORE EXPRESSION of y-our true power-source of love and flow.
Be the Central Sun you are designed to be.


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